The Kazan Linguistic Journal is published by Kazan Federal University (KFU). The University cooperates with the journal on the principles of editorial independence and does not influence decisions on the publication of certain articles. The management of the Institute of International Relations and the University provides administrative and other support for the journal's activities.

The editorial policy of Kazan Linguistic Journal is related to the ethics of scientific activity and includes:

  • Encouraging authors, reviewers, readers, and members of the editorial board to express their opinions and ideas to prevent violations of ethical publication standards and improve the work of the journal.
  • Improving the work of the journal and the quality of published materials, monitoring the development of peer review and scientific publishing.
  • Consideration of manuscripts of a wide range of authors, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity and race, political and religious beliefs, based on the principles of tolerance.
  • Encouraging constructive criticism of papers published in the journal. Providing the right to respond to criticism of the authors of the criticized works.
  • Willingness to publish corrections, clarifications, refutations, apologies, if necessary.
  • Awareness of readers about innovations in the journal.
  • Developing a style of the journal in order to raise its scientific rating and respect among the authors.
  • Ensuring that complaints about the journal are handled objectively in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), while maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of the applicant.
  • Development of a monitoring system for cases of conflicts of interest.
  • Review of manuscripts by competent reviewers who are official members of the journal peer review team.
  • Making objective decisions about the acceptance of articles and rejections, based on quality, relevance, significance, originality, clarity of presentation, as well as on the basis of the validity of the conclusions and compliance with the subject of the journal.
  • Using double-blind review providing authors with full reviewer comments and justifying any deviations from stated practices.
  • Guarantee of anonymity of reviewing, providing reviewers with the opportunity to read the comments of other reviewers when reviewing one manuscript.
  • Compliance with international research regulations.
  • Providing reviewers with requirements for the review process, confidentiality.
  • Providing peer reviewers with information on new research and publications in the peer review area to maintain high quality of reviews.
  • Monitoring the quality of peer reviewers to maintain high standards.
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