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Kazan Linguistic Journal


Kazan Linguistic Journal” provides direct open access to its content, based on the following principle: free open access to research results contributes to an increase in global knowledge sharing.

The journal publishes original articles on the problems of linguistics and intercultural communication, translation studies, innovative methods and competence-based approach in teaching of foreign languages, literary studies and linguoculturology. The submitted articles are tested for originality by means of «Antiplagiat» system and a mandatory double-blind review.

The most significant scientific works corresponding to the subject and containing materials of the author's own scientific research in the following groups of scientific specialties are accepted for publication in the journal:

10.01.00 Literary studies:

1) 10.01.01 Russian literature.

2) 10.01.02 Literatures of the people of the Russian Federation.

3) 10.01.03 Foreign Literature.

10.02.00 Linguistics:

1) 10.02.19 Language theory

2) 10.02.20 Historical, typological and comparative linguistics.

3) 10.02.22 Languages of foreign countries peoples of of Europe, Asia, Africa, natives of America and Australia.

13.00.00 Pedagogical Sciences:

1) 13.00.01 General pedagogics, history of pedagogics and education

2) 13.00.02 Theory and methodology of teaching and education (by areas and levels of education).

3) 13.00.08 Theory and methodology of professional education.

Doctors and candidates of science, university professors, doctoral students, graduate students, undergraduates are invited to participate in the discussion on the proposed headings and publish for free. Scientific works of graduate students and  undergraduates are accepted in collaboration with academic supervisor.

The works can be submitted in 9 languages: Russian, Tatar, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Turkish.

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