Submission procedure

Submission procedure 

The journal publishes articles written in a scientific style and representing a description of the original study, with a clearly presented purpose, hypothesis, and the course of their confirmation or refutation. 

A research article implies an original study, with the indicated hypothesis and the progress of its confirmation (or refutation), which has the following subsections: heading, information about the authors, mailing address, abstract, keywords, introduction, research materials and methods, results, questions for discussing the problem, thanks, references to the used literature, tables, figures.

A review article is the result of the work of an author or a group of authors to summarize all studies on a specific topic. The structure of the article includes title, information about the authors, mailing address, abstract, keywords, article text, acknowledgments, links to the used literature, tables, figures.

An empirical study presents a description and analysis of the results; a review of scientific phenomena should be critical; the theory must be original and contain new points of view.

Articles should have scientific novelty. Doubtful references and assumptions should not be used, all abbreviations must be explained at the first mention.

The volume of articles is not less than 15,000 characters, including abstract, keywords, figures, tables and references.

The main requirement for the published material is compliance with its high scientific criteria (relevance, scientific novelty, etc.). It is preferable to use links to publications of the last 10 years. The journal publishes materials that has never been published before and is not currently under consideration for publication in other publications.

Minor stylistic and formal corrections are made to the article without the approval of the authors. If more serious corrections are needed, the edit is agreed with the authors or the article is sent to the authors for revision.

Manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

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