The editorial board of the Kazan Linguistic Journal is guided by the principles developed by the International Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE (, the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ANRI / ASEP) (, and also takes into account the experience of reputable international journals and publishing houses. The journal is an open access publication: all users can freely and free of charge read, download, link and copy published materials in accordance with the principles of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) (

In accordance with these documents, the editorial board of the Kazan Linguistic Journal (hereinafter referred to as the Journal) approved ethical and legal norms, the observance of which is mandatory for all participants in the publication of scientific materials (members of the Editorial Board, authors, as well as reviewers and publishers).

“Kazan Linguistic Journal” adheres to the standards of publication ethics and is guided by the principles of scientific character and objectivity:

  • Mutual responsibility for compliance with ethical standards. Researchers, authors, editors, reviewers, and publishers have an ethical obligation to publish and disseminate research results.
  • Compliance with the rules of communication with authors. Interaction with authors should be fair, polite and objective.
  • Objective peer review. The content of scientific publications of the journal is reviewed by independent experts.
  • Availability of publications. Access to publications is guaranteed, materials are stored in the country's leading libraries and repositories of scientific information.
  • Compliance with information transparency. The publication's website publishes provisions on editorial policy, publication ethics and peer review, instructions for authors on the rules for submitting manuscripts and information on the availability of materials (free access). Information about the provision or absence of paid services is also indicated. ISSN, publisher's address are indicated.
  • Commitment to ethical authorship criteria. The author of a scientific publication is a researcher who participated in the preparation and writing of the work. The agreement of all authors to publish the material is required.
  • Obligation to agree on the final text of the article with the author. In view of the emergence of copyright, the publication of a text not agreed with the author, as well as the introduction of unauthorized persons into the number of co-authors, is considered a violation of copyright.
  • Effective interaction with scientific associations. The editors of the journal strive to interact with scientific associations in order to improve the quality of research work.
  • Avoiding and correcting ethical violations and conflicts of interest. Refusal to publish works containing an unregulated number of borrowings.
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