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General information about the journal “Kazan Linguistic Journal”
Officially registered title of the journal: “Kazan Linguistic Journal”
Sakaeva Liliya Radikovna, Takhtarova Svetlana Salavatovna, Khabibullina Elmira Kamilevna
Publisher: Autonomous non-profit organization “Institute of cultural heritage”
The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communication, Information Technologies and Mass Communications. 
The number of the certificate in media: ПИ № FS 77 – 72979, registration date: 06.06. 2018
Registered in the Russian Federation ISSN National Agency, ISSN registration number: ISSN 2658-3321 (Print). 
Issue Periodicity:
Publications in the journal:
The journal publishes original articles on the problems of linguistics and intercultural communication, translation studies, innovative methods and competence-based approach in teaching of foreign languages, literary studies and linguoculturology. The publication accepts scientific articles, reports, reviews, surveys on all sections of environmental science. The scientific articles proposed for publication should contain a substantiation of relevance, a clear statement of the goals and objectives of the study, scientific reasoning, generalizations and conclusions for its novelty, scientific and practical significance.
The journal is included / indexed:
The journal is included in the system of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI)
The electronic version of the journal is available on the website eLIBRARY.ru
Subscription index: 64986 (catalogue of Rospechat)
Scientific durections of the journal:
10.01.00 Literary studies:
1) 10.01.01 Russian literature.
2) 10.01.02 Literatures of the people of the Russian Federation.
3) 10.01.03 Foreign Literature.
10.02.00 Linguistics:
1) 10.02.19 Language theory
2) 10.02.20 Historical, typological and comparative linguistics.
3) 10.02.22 Languages of foreign countries peoples of of Europe, Asia, Africa, natives of America and Australia.
13.00.00 Pedagogical Sciences:
1) 13.00.01 General pedagogics, history of pedagogics and education
2) 13.00.02 Theory and methodology of teaching and education (by areas and levels of education).
3) 13.00.08 Theory and methodology of professional education.